Prison More Likely as Anders Breivik is Found to Be Sane

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Anders Breivik wasn't insane when he carried out the killing spree he's confessed to in Norway last year, and he's not insane now, court-appointed psychiatric experts said on Tuesday, but they didn't say why they'd reversed a November finding that he was insane. The upshot of the finding is that Breivik could now face prison for the murders of 77 people with a bomb in Oslo and a a shooting rampage at a political youth camp on July 22 last year.

Breivik's trial is set to start on Monday, and with just the initial report finding him insane, he would have likely been ordered to psychiatric care instead of prison, the BBC reported. But the second evaluation, carried out after "widespread criticism of last year's assessment," now opens the door for a prison sentence. "Both reports will be considered by the court when it decides whether he should be sent to a psychiatric ward or jail," according to the BBC. Still, as we noted last year, the prison where he may be headed just doesn't seem all that bad.

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