'North Korea Is the Blue Öyster Cult of Nations'

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Now that it's been suggested, we can't think of a better rock-n-roll comparison for North Korea. We're going to get hate mail from the classic rock set, for sure, but the way we laugh at (more than with) overly anthemic songs like "Don't Fear the Reaper" or "Burning for You" feels a lot like the way we snicker at the overly choreographed and grandiose pomp of North Korean official life. That's why Tumblrs of the Kims looking at things are so funny! And why we laughed out loud when we read this one from Azalp Yerbua in response to John Hudson's piece on China condoning North Korea's belligerence:

North Korea is the Blue Oyster Cult of nations.  Don't fear the Reaper!  I'm burning for you.

Of course, where Blue Öyster Cult had bad hair and stadium gigs, North Korea has an authoritarian regime and nuclear weapons. So you know, a little less cowbell please, guys.

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