Mapping the Secret Service Sex Scandal Across the World

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The Secret Service sex scandal that started in Cartagena, Colombia has become a worldwide investigation. From a night club in Moscow to a strip joint in San Salvador, every minute, it seems, federal investigators are expanding their probe to a new foreign capital.

Currently, the Secret Service is looking to put the scandal behind it, but the U.S. government is investigating reports of hard-partying, unprofessional behavior and solicitation of prostitutes dating back 12 years. To help make sense of the ongoing investigation, we've compiled the alleged incidents into a Google map. From Brasilia (which is being included in the U.S. probe but actually involves Marines, not SS agents), to Cartegena to San Salvador to Moscow, each point indicates a location with details about what's being investigated. Enjoy!

View Secret Service Sex Scandals in a larger map

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