How Deep Did James Cameron Dive?

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Playing off of James Cameron's recent underwater adventure today is webcomic xkcd, which offers its nerdy followers a to-scale look at the oceans' depths.

We know and love xkcd, created by Randall Munroe, for doing these sort of big, information-rich treatments on other subjects, including space, movie plots, and the Internet. Here's his take on the world's lakes and oceans, where we see the incredible depths of the Pacific's Marianas Trench, the seas' lowest point (about as far down as Deepwater Horizon drilled), which makes the "Great" Lake we grew up near seem like a puddle. With both The Abyss and Titanic getting coy references, the comic also does a wonderful job of reminding us of Cameron's obsession with the ocean. He was down in the Marianas, after all, to shoot footage for yet another film.

Munroe's work can really only be appreciated in its large version, so check it out here.

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