Coordinated Bomb Attacks Hit Iraq Again

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Iraqi insurgents killed more than 30 people with a series of bombings across the country on Thursday morning. Four northern cities in the Kurdish region were targeted along with police and security forces in Baghdad. In all, a combination of 10 car bombs, roadside IEDs, and suicide attacks went off in the span of about an hour, wounding around 80 people. Thought government forces were the targets of most of the attacks, it was bystanders in the mostly Sunni neighborhoods that made up the majority of the victims. While attacks like these seem to happen less frequently in Iraq, the operations have become more sophisticated and more deadly. The last such day violence happened one month ago and killed more than 40 people Attacking multiple targets in multiple cities, all at the same time — much like the Taliban's recent moves in Afghanistan — suggests a highly organized and well-trained force that will continue to plague the population as it tries to build a stable nation.

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