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George Clooney's testifying about Sudanese war crimes before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday, and before he spoke to lawmakers, he went on a small media blitz to talk about the rocket fire he saw on a recent visit -- though it doesn't seem like he had a near miss. But seeing the rocket attack should help Clooney make his point that violence in the region is cause for concern, and it certainly makes for good headlines. "George Clooney Under Fire in the Sudan" was MSNBC's. The Belfast Telegraph went with "Geroge Clooney: I Fled Missiles."

Clooney told The Today Show's Ann Curry about how rockets fell so close he could feel them: "We showed up in one village and there was -- 150 people had come out and were cheering for us to come ... Clearly somebody had told them that we were coming. ... And then all of a sudden everyone just started running." On CNN, Clooney said: "We were there when they fired three rockets over our head."

A video posted by the Enough Project, which Clooney worked with on the recent visit, shows him seeing the rockets from a distance, but not taking cover or anything like that:


Still, the star whose satellite activist project found mass graves in Sudan is using what he saw on his recent visit to make the case to the Senate committee (and on Thursday to President Barack Obama) that the border region between Sudan and South Sudan is rife with war crimes including ethnic cleansing. 

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