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U.S. troops recently finished up a two week-long war game designed to measure what would happen should we get involved in an Israeli attack on Iran. Unsurprisingly, the outcome was not positive. Some American officials spoke to The New York Times about the classified exercise in a dire tone: "The game has raised fears among top American planners that it may be impossible to preclude American involvement in any escalating confrontation with Iran, the officials said," the Times's Mark Mazzetti and Thom Shanker reported. "In the debate among policymakers over the consequences of any possible Israeli attack, that reaction may give stronger voice to those within the White House, Pentagon and intelligence community who have warned that a strike could prove perilous for the United States."

Officials aren't the only ones with negative opinions about the idea of Israel going to war with Iran. Iranian and Israeli youth have been attracting attention on Facebook with a new poster campaign, "Israel loves Iran." It's a simple message -- "We will never bomb your country" -- that's so far still only a few thousand supporters-strong across various pages. Israel doesn't seem to be phased by either the war games or the social media protest, however. The country is now speaking in fairly urgent terms about Iran's nuclear capabilities.

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