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Over a week after journalists Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik were killed by government shelling in Syria, their bodies are now in the hands of the Red Cross and en route out of the country despite an otherwise fruitless day for the humanitarian aid group.

Colvin and Olchik were killed while reporting on the situation in Homs, and since then, the French and American governments have been trying to get their bodies out as the government and opposition disagreed over who was responsible for keeping the bodies in Syria. But Reuters notes that Friday's good news came at "the end of a frustrating day for the independent agency," since they are still being denied access to Baba Amr, a battle-torn area of Homs. So while this is a small consolation for the family and friends awaiting the return of the journalists' remains, the suffering they lost their lives documenting is far from over. 

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