Reagan's Lost Doodles, and Other Treasures From the Thatcher Archives

Ronald Reagan's artistic handiwork, swiped by Margaret Thatcher herself at the 1981 G7 Summit, has been released online, among other historical curios from her archives.

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At midnight on Friday, Cambridge University, working in conjunction with the Margaret Thatcher Foundation, made a number of Thatcher's personal papers from 1981 available online. Click around a bit: It's like rummaging through the Iron Lady's desk! Among the trove of goodies, a transcript of a congratulatory telephone conversation made by Thatcher to Ronald Reagan the day after his inauguration, a signed farewell letter to Jimmy Carter ("I have admired your courage in tackling the formidable problems which have confronted the United States and the Free World -- notable in regard to the hostage issue..."), and, most unusually, a page of "doodles left by President Reagan on the table beside Margaret Thatcher at the G7 summit at Ottawa, which she picked up and filed away in the No 10 Downing Street flat." The drawings, rendered in blue ink, include several faces, a disembodied torso and eyeball, and what appears to be a rudimentary self-portrait of the Great Communicator himself. [via BoingBoing]

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