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One Israeli newspaper thinks it knows what was discussed between Obama and Netanyahu behind closed doors Monday: bunker-busters and planes. According to Reuters and Fox News, a front-page article in the Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv is floating these latest rumor of a proposed deal of the United States further arming Israel, but only on the promise that it not use them until 2013, after Obama is safely reelected.

It seems like an unlikely deal for the U.S. to float, considering that Israel has already made another promise that it wouldn't give the U.S. a heads-up if it decided to declare war. Reuters was suspicious too, getting an anonymous Israeli official to counter that it was Israel that asked the U.S. for the weapons, and that such a condition of waiting to use them was "unrealistic." Our takeway: just like in the U.S., average Israelis are itching to know what was said at that seemingly tense meeting between Obama and Netanyahu and at least one newspaper there is going into rumor mode.

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