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Now that the Costa Allegra, the cruise ship disabled in the Indian Ocean, is safely docked at the island nation of Seychelles, passengers are starting to share their onboard memories. Somehow we doubt Costa Cruises will be putting them on a brochure.

"The toilets were running over, there was no electricity. It was very hot," said American Eleanor Bradwel. But how was the food? Not great. The Associated Press noted that food consisted of "cold sandwiches for three days."

"We had to sleep on deck because there was no air conditioning and the cabins stank, because we couldn't flush the toilets," Alena Daem, a Belgian passenger added. The bad bathroom situation was a common theme, and our favorite loaded statement on it was Sebastian Weit of Senegal. "You had to make ends meet," he said. "It was difficult. The toilets weren't working." 

These passengers' complaints are very different from Costa Cruises' spin before the Costa Allegre docked. "The speed of the ship, despite the hot and humid climate, creates a slight breeze that helps making the situation more comfortable." To hear passengers describe it, that wasn't quite the case.

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