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After a U.S. soldier allegedly massacred Afghan civilians over the weekend, the country suddenly seems a lot less safe for U.S. troops and local government officials as the Taliban vowed revenge through beheadings. After February's rumors of tentative peace talks between the Taliban, the United States, and the Afghan government, as well as this month's reports of a U.S. prisoner transfer and an Afghan reconciliation effort, it was starting to look like violence in the region might subside for the U.S. troops' remaining tenure there. But on Tuesday, the Taliban promised in a statement to "behead your sadistic murderous soldiers," according to Reuters. That follows a  Monday vow to "take revenge from the invaders and the savage murderers for every single martyr," according to The Guardian.

Insurgents wasted no time kicking off their revenge attacks, firing bullets and rocket-propelled grenades at an Afghan government delegation investigating the alleged massacre on Tuesday. Reuters notes that NATO troops probably won't feel any impact from the warning since they're already so heavily protected.

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