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The situation in Syria is starting to look a lot like an all-out civil war, as government forces stepped up their bombardment of the rebel stronghold of Homs, and neighboring countries took the first steps toward arming the rebels. Syrian army snipers pinned Homs residents down on Tuesday, activists told CNN, even "targeting those who intend to get bread from the bakeries," one activist said. "They are shelling randomly -- why, I don't know," another said. Government forces also shelled Rankous, near Damascus, Reuters reported. The shelling came as Arab League diplomats confirmed to Reuters that they had passed a resolution to "provide all kinds of political and material support" for the rebels, including providing arms. It would be the first official military support for the rebels, but Reuters notes weapons have already started coming in from rebel sympathizers in Iraq, Reuters notes: "Smuggled guns are already filtering into Syria but it is not clear if Arab or other governments are behind the deliveries. Weapons and Sunni Muslim insurgents are also seeping from Iraq into Syria, Iraqi officials and arms dealers said."

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