Superhuman Pilot Lands a Plane After Propeller Falls Off

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A Cessna pilot in Mexico appeared so calm while landing a plane without its propeller that we watched the whole video of his miraculous save and could only identify the disaster point by the change in engine sound. There's an edit right around the 1:10 mark, after which the background is silent and the pilot coolly guides the plane to a landing on a road.

The information in the video's YouTube page says the cockpit was manned by a flight instructor and a student, with a couple passengers in the back whose post-landing commentary Gizmodo translated: "'I've never felt death so near,' says one of the women who was travelling in the back." We'd have been freaking out a lot worse than anybody in that plane, so kudos to all of them, but especially the pilot, who brought the plane to a landing that looked no rougher than going over a speedbump.

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