Russia and China Veto U.N. Resolution on Syria

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Coming on the deadliest single day in the course of the Syrian uprisings, the U.N. Security Council has failed to pass a draft resolution that sought to put an end to Bashar al-Assad's brutal crackdowns, CNN reports, after Russia and China voted against it. 13 other Security Council members, included representatives from the U.S., France and England, voted in favor of the resolution. 

U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice said the United States was "disgusted" at the result, adding, "this intransigence is even more shameful when you consider that one of these members continues to deliver weapons to Assad." Rice was referring none too subtly to Russia's ongoing sales of arms to al-Assad, who in turn sanctions their use on Syrian civilians and children.

China's Security Council representative offered this statement in defending his country's rejection of the resolution:

"China believes that under the current circumstances, sanctions, or the threat of sanctions, do not help resolve the questions of Syria. Rather, they may further complicate the situation."

And this was the Russian representative's statement:

"We cannot agree with this unilateral, accusatory bent against Damascus. This approach is against the principle of a peaceful settlement of a crisis on the basis of full Syrian national dialogue."

Watch the resolution vote unfold here:

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