Pakistani Interior Minister Wants Interpol to Arrest Pervez Musharraf

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Pakistan has never forgiven former president Pervez Musharraf for the death of former prime minister, Benazir Bhutto, and now it plans to ask Interpol to arrest him for failing to protect her from the deadly 2007 suicide attack that took her life. Of course, it's no surprise the Pakistani government is still thinking about Bhutto's death, seeing as how her widower, Asif Ali Zardari, is the president. Musharraf (pictured) lives in exile in Britain, where he fled in 2008, after being forced out of the presidency.

But Zardari isn't the one making noise about a new arrest warrant for Musharraf. Rather, Interior Minister Rehman Malik wants Interpol to arrest Musharraf, who already has a warrant out on him from a Pakistani court. Malik made his appeal while briefing the Sindh Assembly (a regional legislature in Pakistan), on the investigation into Bhutto's death. Malik was a close aid to Bhutto, Asia One reported, and he told the assembly Musharraf had hinted before her death that he would not protect her. "Musharraf threatened her on [the] phone: If you come to Pakistan, you will be responsible for the consequences. If you come to Pakistan before the elections, I will not be responsible for your security." Malik also said 27 terrorist groups had a hand in the killing, according to Agence France-Press, and all of the perpetrators were still at large.

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