Nasrallah Not So Popular in Syria, Which is a Great Thing

News today from Syria, which is all-but-embroiled in a civil war now, took a turn for the chesty when the secretary general of the Free Syria Army put Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on notice for backing the regime Assad. From Ynet:

The secretary general of the Free Syria Army's military council warned that Syrian rebels will settle the score with Nasrallah and his group at court once the Syrian leader is deposed. 

The Free Syria Army has made some gains this week as the fighting intensifies in various parts of the country, including the neighborhoods outside of Damascus. In related chutzpadik boldness, five Iranian hostages who were accused of trying to violently put down dissent in the city of Homs were reportedly moved to Lebanon. Or in other words, the Free Syria Army is putting everybody on notice.