Kim Jong-Un May Have Canceled His Brothers Visa Gold Card Out of Spite

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If a report from a Russian newspaper is true, the North Korean dictatorship family resembles an Orange County reality show: the weekly Argumenty i Fakty has reported that young leader Kim Jong-un has cut off his older brother Kim Jong-nam's Visa Gold card as retaliation for name-calling. The report says that the elder brother was tossed out of the five-star Grand Lapa Hotel in Chinese gambling playground of Macau after his credit card was cut off. Argumenty i Fakty said Kim Jong-nam ran up a bill of $15,000, but, according to a hotel source, via The Telegraph,  "He gave us his Visa Gold card but it ended up having no money on the account." The report postulates that Jong-Un is retaliating against his brother for making some derogatory comments about his rise to power. Over the last year, Jong-nam has told reporters that hereditary succession "does not fit socialism and my father was against it," and cooperated with Japanese journalist Yoji Gomi for his newest book My Father, Kim Jong-il, and Me in which he cast doubt on his younger's brother's fitness to rule. Gomi had predicted that John-nam would not be "endangered" by his book, but perhaps he should have checked to see who's fitting his casino bills.

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