Kim Dotcom May Be Out On Bail, But He Can't Use His Helicopter

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We're sure it's been tough in the slammer, but now that a New Zealand judge finally granted him bail, we doubt MegaUpload's Kim Dotcom is going to suffer too many hardships while he's awaiting trial in his $30 million mansion in New Zealand.

Having determined that Dotcom isn't a flight risk, the court ordered him back to his 25,000 square foot mansion in Coatesville, a few miles northeast of Auckland. The MegaUpload-founder and multi-millionaire is not allowed to use his helicopter(s), and his collection of 18 luxury cards worth an estimated $4.8 million has been seized. But he does still have his swimming pool, his tennis court, his labyrinth, his horse stables and his women to keep him occupied. He'll need the distractions since, like his fellow MegaUploaders, he's not allowed to use the Internet. 

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