It's Not a Good Idea to Call Argentina's President 'Perra'

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Penguin News, a Falkland Island newspaper, slyly called Argentinian President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner a "bitch" and yes people noticed. In a story about Fernández's accusations that Britain was militarizing the islands and the raising tensions between Britain and Argentina, Penguin News posted a photo of Fernández using the file name perra--as in, a female dog. (It's since been changed.)

Clicking on and uploading images into a story is an routine process for news agencies and bloggers. Each day we download, create and upload images for your reading pleasure, but like Fox News' Obama "monster" image  and more recently, Pete Hoekstra's "yellow girl" image--all it takes is one right-click to check the file names. 

According to The Guardian, 2,000 readers responded with comments.  The Islands only have a population of 3,000 and Penguin News has a circulation of about 1,500. Angry readers also took to editor Lisa Watson's Twitter account, where her excuse was a bit... Well, it certainly is honest:


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