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Israeli officials have reportedly let it be known that they won't give their United States counterparts a heads up if the country decides to launch an airstrike against Iran. According to the Associated Press, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told this fact to every American official coming to Israeli hoping to talk them out of a pre-emptive strike of Iranian nuclear facilities. Officials say it's for the U.S.'s own good, since if they don't know about the strike in advance, they can't be blamed for failing to stop it. Never mind that most of Israel's enemies don't trust anything they say and would likely assume that the Americans were behind it anyway. 

Israeli leaders likely also assume (rightly) that the United States doesn't want to help, so they will make any decision on a possible attack without American input. Netanyahu will be in Washington next week to meet with President Barack Obama and top Congressional and diplomatic officials. This news won't get those talks off on the right foot. 

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