Insurgents Create Chaos in Iraq to Prove Iraq is Chaotic

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Several attacks and car bombings across Iraq today have killed at least 55 people and injured hundreds more. The Iraqi Interior Ministry called it a  "frantic race" by insurgents to undermine the nation's stability.

No one has yet taken credit for the attacks, but the Associated Press notes that car bombs are a tell-tale method for Al Qaeda. The New York Times's Jack Healy reports that the bombings largely targeted police officers and security forces, though they mostly injured or killed civilians. The attackers seem to have at least partly accomplished their goal of undermining the government's support among citizens. The AP quotes some who blamed security forces for not doing a better job to prevent the attacks. And Iraqiya, the opposition party, released a statement to say the ruling party should take responsibility for civilian safety:

"If the government fails to do so, then it should resign and the parliament should choose a government capable of confronting the terrorists and impose security and stability in all over Iraq," the statement said.

Previous to the attacks, The New York Times reports, violence had "dwindled to near its lowest levels since the United States invasion in 2003." This is obviously a setback, but hopefully one the country, newly independent of U.S. forces on the ground, can overcome.

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