Injured French Journalist Desperately Needs to Get Out of Syria

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In a six and a half minute video posted to YouTube Thursday, Edith Bouvier, a journalist at Le Figarois pleading with the French government for her evacuation after she was hurt in the same shelling attacks that killed Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik. 

"I have a broken leg," Bouvier says in the video, which was translated by The Guardian. The sound of explosions can be heard in the background. "The femur is broken along its length and laterally too. I need to undergo surgery as soon as possible. The doctors here have treated us as well as they could but they can't perform surgery. So I need a ceasefire and an ambulance or car in good enough shape to get us out," she adds.

This confirms earlier reports from Reuters and The Los Angeles Times, in which an opposition doctor said Bouvier might bleed out without medical attention. According to the AP, "Bouvier and her colleague William Daniels appear to be with a doctor and Syrian rebels, who ask the journalists to say they are being treated well but need to leave since they can no longer be cared for."

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