Incredible Footage Reveals Life Under Siege in Homs, Syria

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A French journalist has smuggled out some of the clearest footage yet of the dramatic and dangerous ongoing battle in Homs. The 11-minute report, which was broadcast on Britain's Channel 4, shows mourners rallying over dead bodies without coffins, children suffering from shrapnel wounds in makeshift hospitals, and armed fighters doing battle with government snipers in the street. Be warned that some of the images of blood and wounds are quite graphic.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Syrian revolt has been the number of regular citizens documenting the chaos from inside the country, by uploading homemade videos to YouTube and other social media sites. The difficulty for Westerners trying to follow the story is that most of the videos are of poor quality, shared without context, are in Arabic, come from a source that's impossible to verify, or are simply too gruesome to show on television. One widely shared video from earlier this week, showed what was believed to be the dead bodies of journalists Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik. Another showed one of their wounded colleagues begging to be rescued. More and more of these videos are spreading into the public consciousness, but are still difficult to watch.
This video, shot by a French photographer who wanted to stay anonymous so he could continue to work inside the country, contains rarely seen footage of actual fighting, with unorganized gunmen taking incredible risks as they battle door-to-door and floor-to-floor with Bashar al Assad's soldiers. Most of the truly bloody carnage is edited out, but it still provides a moving and clear picture of what's happening on the ground. Anyone who cares about the situation in Syria or wants a better sense of the madness taking place there should give this video a look.

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