Hacking Probe Moves on to Murdoch's Most Prestigious UK Paper

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Until today it looked like The Times of London, the most august of News International's stable of newspapers in Britain, was too dignified to be tainted by the hacking probes plaguing its tabloid cousins, but that may change with a tweet. "The Met police have confirmed to me they are investigating @rupertmurdoch's newspaper The Times over email hacking," Tom Watson, the British MP spearheading much of the News Corp hacking investigation, wrote at 2 a.m. That set off a flurry of stories from The New York Times and The Guardianculminating this morning with James Harding, the paper's editor, being called back to speak to investigators

According to those reports, the new probe will apparently look into the known hacking (an email hack this time) of Nightjack, a British police officer-turned-blogger whose identity was revealed by The Times. According to The Guardian "Harding did not disclose the full circumstances when he was previously questioned by the inquiry." But whether he fully disclosed or not, as has been the case in the phone hacks, the crime doesn't seem to justify the gossipy scoop.

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