Foxconn Hacked by Upstart Swagg Security

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A group of hackers calling themselves Swagg Security claims it has broken into the Web servers of chief Apple supplier Foxconn and leaked company user names and passwords, allowing anyone to place a large order ostensibly as a Foxconn client. 

The group posted a torrent on The Pirate Bay along with a note that said it carried out the hack not only to protest Foxconn's treatment of its workers, but for the lulz: "We enjoy exposing governments and corporations, but the more prominent reason, is the hilarity that ensues when compromising and destroying an infrastructure," the group wrote. So far, Foxconn hasn't commented (though writers at Forbes and PC World have asked), but one of its ordering sites has been taken offline. The company was already getting some flack as protests mount over its reported mistreatment of workers in China, which has been the subject of an extended investigation in The New York Times, CBS Sunday Morningand on This American Life recently.

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