Injured Western Journalists Reportedly Make it Out of Syria

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Update 1:06 p.m. Adding to the confusionSarkozy has reportedly retracted his earlier statement on Bouvier's safety.

Update 10:26 a.m.: It appears that French President Nicolas Sarkozy appeared on BFM TV and stated that Bouvier is safe in Lebanon

Though there are multiple reports that journalists Paul Conroy and Elizabeth Bouvier have been safely removed from Syria, we're all just waiting for confirming YouTube documentation. Conroy, a photographer for the Sunday Times, and Bouvier, a reporter for Le Figaro, were injured in the shellings that killed Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik in Syria last week. The Guardian is reporting that Conroy made it to Lebanon even though his escape envoy came under heavy fire from Syrian forces that may have killed several activists helping Conroy. They also report that his employers at the Times and his wife are confirming that he is safe. The Australian reports that Conroy's father is also confirming his son's escape, pinpointing his location to Beirut. 

The Guardian notes that the multiple accounts of Bouvier's escape or non-escape are making it difficult to tell where she is: Reuters says she's in Lebanon; The Washington Post says her whereabouts are still unknown. Bouvier drew international attention by posting a video on YouTube detailing her desperate situation last week. 

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