Costa Cruise Lines Needs Better Spin

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To hear Costa Cruises tell it, being stuck on a boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean with no electricity in sweltering conditions isn't so bad. Neither was the accident that sunk the Costa Concordia.

"The speed of the ship, despite the hot and humid climate, creates a slight breeze that helps making the situation more comfortable," reads a statement about the Costa Allegra.This weak spin is benefited by the fact that it's difficult to get in touch with passengers on the ship, because of the lack of aforementioned electricity. The Associated Press and National Post didn't talk to any passengers in today's reports.The AP adds that even though passengers haven't been able to shower, Costa said soft drinks and cold food such as fruit, cold cuts, cheeses and fresh bread are available to passengers, along with mineral water for personal hygiene needs. They described the situation as "regular" and the weather as "good." According to weather reports, the current temperature coupled with humidity at Seychelles International Airport feels like 91 degrees. Thankfully the passengers are supposed to dock at the Seychelles' main port at midnight EST Thursday.

And forgive our suspicions, but a slice of salami, a Fanta, mineral water body rinses and a "slight breeze" isn't the type of "regular" cruise we'd like to be on. But, then again, Costa Cruises is sort of the master of bad spin. Remember when the crew of the wrecked Costa Concordia said they were just experiencing a "blackout"

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