Argument About a File Cabinet Leads to Dismissal of Afghani Embassy Staffer

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Afghan Embassy employee Haroon Aloko has been ordered back to Kabul for either physically or emotionally mauling his colleagues. What really happened is up for debate. Matthew Rosenberg writes in the The New York Times that an argument over a filing cabinet -- specifically, "who was going to put together a filing cabinet and where it would be placed" -- led Aloko to "deck" an official. The embassy denies it, according to Pajhwok Afghan News. Either way, staffers felt uncomfortable. "This man, he assaults people. But he is not fired," a staffer told the Times. "This is our most important embassy in all of the world, but we are living with thugs."

Complicating the situation, and leading us to believe Aloko may not have been on his absolute best behavior, the former ambassador happens to be the son of Afghanistan’s attorney general. 

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