Anonymous Threatens More Than Interpol's Website in Arrest Retaliation

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Interpol's website is back online Wednesday after hackers knocked it off when the agency announced it had arrested 25 Anonymous affiliates, and now Anonymous says it plans to go after individual agents by exposing their personal information. Interpol called its coordinated effort Operation Unmask, a clear reference to Anonymous' signature Guy Fawkes masks. The agency reported arrests of four people in Spain, 10 in Argentina, six in Chile and five in Colombia. As it tends to do, Anonymous struck back with a distributed denial of service attack that took Interpol's website offline briefly on Tuesday. But according to The Guardian, "It was quickly back up and running but was loading slowly."

Now, Anonymous wants hackers to go after individual agents by "doxing" them -- revealing their personal information -- online. One well-known hacker who goes by Sabu tweeted "Interpol dubbed their attempt at arresting anons 'Operation Unmask' - funny. Let us assist them by unmasking and exposing Interpol agents." He sent out a link to a database of hacked Stratfor login information that included some Interpol emails. As another Anonymous Twitter account said, "they poked the hive."

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