Americans Think Iran Is the U.S.'s Top Enemy, China Second

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Iran's been dominating the news and it shows -- a Gallup poll found that 32 percent of Americans believe that Iran is the greatest threat to the U.S., followed by China, North Korea, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The percentage of respondents naming Iran as America's greatest enemy is actually up seven points from last year, and its jump coincides with the country's latest nuclear announcements, long-range missile exercises and talk about closing the Strait of Hormuz, and the incident of its "Bangkok Bombers"--all of which have come in the first two months of this new year. Just yesterday, General Martin Dempsey, chairman for the military's joint chiefs of staff, was asked about and ruled out a military strike on Iran. And today's poll also comes out on the same day that U.N. inspectors arrive in Iran to check on the nuclear progress of the country-- a trip which sources have told news outlets they believe will end in futility. China, which holds the second spot, actually holds a 41 percent favorable rating in the poll -- the highest among the top "threats." Our "Ally From Hell", Pakistan, placed No. 7 with 2 percent of mentions, while 1 percent named the United States itself, World War II enemy Japan, and oil supplier Saudi Arabia to round out the bottom of the poll. 

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