Adolf Hitler Sounds Like a Lousy Date

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A Frenchman who claimed to be Adolf Hitler's illegitimate son died without being able to prove it, but his lawyer has come forward with a new stack of evidence, including a description of the awkward courtship of a teenage girl and a German corporal during World War I. Jean-Marie Loret was never able to definitively prove the claim he made in his 1981 autobiography Your Father's Name Was Hitler. But as Jezebel points out, you tend to believe somebody who claims to be Hitler's illegitimate son because why would one brag about that? The story was an exclusive in the French weekly Le Point on Friday, in which Loret's lawyer relates Loret's mother's story of how she met the dashing young German soldier, and why he was too weird for her. LiveScience has a translation of Le Point, about what happened after Loret's mother Charlotte Lobjoie's friends goaded her into talking to the mysterious German soldier with the sketch pad who stopped to watch them cut hay in 1917. They started a relationship, but it went downhill.

"On the rare occasions your father was around, he liked to take me for walks in the countryside. But these walks usually ended badly. Your father, inspired by nature, launched into speeches I did not really understand," Miss Lobjoie said.

She recalled that Loret's father did not speak French "but solely ranted in German, talking to an imaginary audience."

"Even if I spoke German I would not be able to follow him, as the histories of Prussia, Austria and Bavaria where not familiar to me at all," Miss Lobjoie said.

Refraining from pre-dictatorial speeches does seem like a key rule when wooing young women on your downtime as a soldier. No wonder the relationship didn't last.

[Photo: Adolph Hitler as a German Army corporal in 1916]

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