Sealand Sounds Like the Perfect Home for WikiLeaks

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A fresh but tough-to-confirm Fox News story claims that WikiLeaks is preparing to move all of its servers to the off-shore, anarchist "micronation" of Sealand. As the name suggests, Sealand is essentially a little piece of land in the sea, that operates according to maritime law. By placing themselves there, the site's operators "can keep running WikiLeaks and nobody can touch them," one source told Fox News. “If you get a certain distance away from any land, then you're dealing with maritime law … They can't prosecute [Julian Assange] under maritime law. He's safe. He's not an idiot, he's actually very smart."

Sealand sounds like a perfect place for Assange and friends. Wired's Simson Garfinkel profiled the little nation and its funny founder Prince Michael Bates of Sealand in 2000:

This summer, with $1 million in seed money provided by a small core of Internet-fattened investors, Lackey and his colleagues are setting up Sealand as the world's first truly offshore, almost-anything-goes electronic data haven - a place that occupies a tantalizing gray zone between what's legal and what's … possible. Especially if you exist, as the Sealanders plan to, outside the jurisdiction of the world's nation-states. Simply put: Sealand won't just be offshore. It will be off-government.

It's unclear whether or not Assange will win a title on Sealand -- King Julian, perhaps? Although it used to be relatively cheap and easy to purchase a title of nobility from the (very small) government of Sealand online, the waterbound nation appears to have stopped selling them. But with all of the money he presumably earned from his newly inked talk show deal with RT, perhaps he can buy one anyways.

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