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Update 9:47 a.m. EST: The BBC is reporting that the death count is now at three and that six people have been injured in the collapse. The number of missing people,19,  has stayed the same.

Rescuers in Rio de Janeiro are searching for at least 19 missing people after two buildings collapsed around 9 p.m. Wednesday evening

Reuters and the BBC are reporting that two high rise buildings fell in Rio last night, while the BBC notes that the falling buildings brought down a four-story construction site, too. "19 people who were inside the buildings have not returned home," Eduardo Paes, Mayor of Rio De Janeiro said on local television. Paes also said that he believed the collapses were due to "structural problems" not a gas explosion--which some breaking reports speculated as being the cause. Reuters did report that witnesses heard a loud explosion that preceded the collapse. According to The Guardian, the collapse has claimed the lives of two people, while the BBC reports that five people have been lightly injured.  

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