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After days of protests and continued violence, an Arab League advisory board issued a statement Sunday morning calling for the monitoring group to withdraw from Syria. Reuters is reporting an 88-member advisory board made up of members from each state wants the monitoring board out because it's giving Syria an Arab cover to continue the violence against its people. "This is giving the Syrian regime an Arab cover for continuing its inhumane actions under the eyes and ears of the Arab League," the board's chairman told Reuters. They also cited the anger roused over comments made by the head of the monitoring board, Mustafa al-Dabi of Sudan, when he visited the city of Homs, a conflict-stricken city, and said things looked, "reassuring." Al-Dabi has a dubious track record of human rights violations in his native Sudan, which led to Amnesty International publicly denouncing his appointment. An Arab League official told Reuters they wouldn't withdraw the group just yet, and that more monitors were on the way and they were expected to remain there for about a month. In the picture above, Arab League official can be seen in their yellow jackets surrounded by anti-government protesters in the city of Idlib. 

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