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From the outside, political radicals and TV stations often make for strange bedfellows (are your ears buzzing, Al?). But who would have expected Julian Assange to pair up with a state-owned television network in Russia to air his new show? The Guardian lays its suspicions  about the Kremlin-controlled TV station a little thick in its report on the deal struck between Assange and Russia Today to broadcast The World Tomorrow, "It's the television channel that has given voice to a thousand anti-western conspiracy theories, while avoiding criticism of the hand that feeds it... Now state-run Russia Today, the Kremlin's English-language propaganda arm, has forged an unlikely partnership – with the self-proclaimed defender of truth and freedom Julian Assange."

"Unlikely" indeed, though we can think of one area where Assange and the Kremlin agree: Neither is keen on the U.S. We're going to have to wait to see how their their mutual suspicion of the United States plays out when the 10-episode series (which will be filmed at the house where Assange serves his house arrest) debuts in March. What we don't know yet: Who will be interviewed. But expect some more buzz around Assange in the coming weeks once those names start leaking.

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