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President Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen is planning to seek medical treatment in the U.S. after ceding power to a new unity government, a spokesman says. Saleh was injured in a bombing during the months of revolt that have battered his country since the height of the Arab Spring.

CNN reports that there is no word on Saleh's timetable. But violence and bloodshed continue in the interim.

Meanwhile, at least 10 people were killed Saturday when security forces in Yemen's capital assaulted thousands of demonstrators with gunfire, water cannons, and tear gas, according to eyewitnesses and activists.

"Everyone here is screaming, blood and tear gas (are) everywhere," said protester Murad Merali at the scene. "Saleh's forces are shooting with snipers. They are blocking streets and attacking women, tearing their hijabs. It's a war zone out here, smoke is everywhere. Soldiers also have batons."

Saleh agreed in November to transfer power to a coalition government.

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