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The Russian Foreign Ministry just posted a scathing overview of the United States' human rights violation -- many of them obviously reference Guantánamo Bay and the Patriot Act -- that sort of reads like an old issue of The Nation Magazine. It's not nearly as scary as those times in the 1960s when the Soviet Union used to threaten us with nuclear bombs and stuff, but that wasn't meant to be the point.

Reuters' Moscow bureau explains that the report is really meant to counter the annual white paper the State Department releases every year "on the state of human rights in the world, often with scathing analyses of abuses in China and Russia" and "is unlikely to harm ties with its former Cold War foe." We'll let you draw your own conclusions about Russia's reporting, and we're quoting the new 63-page document, on how "The White House and the Justice Department shelter from prosecution CIA operatives and highly placed officials who are responsible for mass and flagrant breaches of human rights." Meanwhile, have you heard about how Russian leaders like Vladimir "Action Man" Putin can't stop blaming everything on America?

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