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Woman today in Egypt won a right that they obviously should have had all along after an Egyptian court banned the administration of "virginity tests" on female prisoners, reports MSNBC and CNN. The officially given reason why the government needs to know whether or not its detainees have had sex is beyond our comprehension, ostensively to "safeguard against the women accusing authorities of sexual assault," according to CNN. But the real motive seems obvious to us, and to Samira Ibrahim, a 25-year-old Egyptian pictured to the right above who sued the government after she was forced to have a virginity test after being arrested in March: "degrade the protesters." 

Today, though, we're happy with the refreshing feminist voice heard in the new unrest in Egyptian, a region where women often don't have much of a chance to make themselves heard. Last week thousands of Egyptian women took to the streets after the now-famous blue-bra-woman beating. Consider this another win for Egyptian women.

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