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The Iranian government is airing images of the captured U.S drone plane on its state-run, English-language TV station this evening, reports CNN, and it looks like it's in pretty good shape considering that Iran claimed to have shot it down. Pictures of the plane are now filtering onto Twitter, giving us our first look at Iran's robotic prisoner of war. It's perhaps a 21st century's version of the head-on-a-stick display, though decidedly less gruesome -- Iran showing the world what it claims to have brought down, with officials nearby for photo-ops. Though the "authenticity of the footage could not be independently confirmed," CNN says, it's perhaps the first piece of evidence in the he said-she said argument between Iran and the U.S. about whether the Asian nation really did shoot down the plane. As some Twitterers are pointing out, the plane looks intact and free of bullet holes. More images of the drone below.

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