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In one of the more disturbing things you'll hear from North Korea today, the country conducted at least one short-range missile test today, South Korean news agency, Yonhap, is reporting. North Korea, short-range missiles, the political uncertainty in the wake of Kim Jong-Il's death--the timing of it all just conjures up scary, war-like scenarios all tied to South Korea's future and well-being. "Two South Korean military officials said they couldn’t immediately confirm the report, saying to do so would breach a policy of not commenting on intelligence matters," reports the AP. "Both said any firing would be part of a routine drill and have little relation to Kim Jong Il’s death."  The Wall Street Journal adds that the South Korean military went on alert but it detected no unusual military activity in the North.  But any military activity by North Korea, however routine, is going to be looked at closely in these few days as the world watches for signs or any indication which way the country will tip now that Jong-Il has died. The Wall Street Journal writes, "South Korean President Lee Myung-bak urged calm and stressed the importance of cooperation with neighboring countries, while financial markets fell sharply due to concerns of an escalation of political and military tensions." There was however, one anomaly that surged during Monday's plummet--South Korean defense companies

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