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Police have found another apparent victim of the gunman who attacked the Belgian city of Liege on Tuesday, but still have no motive for the killing spree. A cleaning woman who worked for one of the killer's neighbors was found in shed on the man's property, bringing the total number of deaths to five, in addition to more than 100 injured.

The man, identified as Nordine Amrani, was a career criminal with a history of drug and firearm crimes, but police say he had not previously showed any signs of mental instability or violence during his run-ins with the law. He was, however, obsessed with guns. Amrani was sent to prison in 2008 for possession of thousands of illegal weapons parts, along with nearly 3,000 marijuana plants. He was released in October of last year and police found more weapons and ammunition during a search of his home Tuesday. Despite his criminal background, authorities say Amrani had no connection to any political or terrorist group and he acted totally alone.

Amrani had been called to appear for police questioning on Tuesday morning, which may have been the spark that set him off. He did not appear at the police station, but instead packed grenades, a handgun, and a assault rifle and walked from his home to the Place Saint-Lambert, in the center of Liege. After positioning himself on a landing overlooking the city square, witnesses say Amrani tossed the grenades toward a crowded bus stop, then began opening fire with the assault rifle. According to some of the accounts, when he ran out of ammunition, he then pulled out the revolver and shot himself in the head.

In addition to the 45-year-old woman found at his home, the other victims were two teenage boys, a 75-year-old woman, and a 17-month-old baby girl. Police say that the death toll could have been much higher, but a Christmas market that would normally be set up in the square was not open due to the weather.

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