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Details are sketchy, but initial reports from Belgium say that at least two people were killed when someone began throwing grenades in the city center of Liege. It appears that the attacker or attackers threw grenades or other explosives into crowds then possibly began shooting with firearms. The BBC says "several men" tossed explosives at people waiting at a bus stop and about a dozen people were injured.

Some of the initial reports said that there may have been multiple attackers, while another said it was woman who killed herself at the scene. One report says there were three attackersone arrested, one killed, and one at large. It's not clear if the dead attacker is among the official death count.

Obviously, the situation is chaotic and details are changing, but we'll continue with updates as we get them.


8:21 ET: According to Belgium newspaper Le Soir, a 40-year-old man "perched on a platform above a bakery" and launched explosive devices at the crowded commercial center during the noon hour. That was followed by gunfire from at least two and possibly three supsects. One of the suspects may have been shot in the head (or possibly committed suicide), while a second was arrested and a third may still be at large. A two-year old child is among the 15 wounded.

The attack happened in the Place Saint-Lambert, a busy thoroughfare that leads to the downtown shopping area of Liege. Residents are being urged to seek shelter and stay indoors.

8:30 ET: The newspaper La Meuse also reports that the attack happened near a courthouse where four men were on trail today for a series of deadly robberies. There's no evidence that the two incidents were related, but the attackers may have come from, or tried to escape to, the courthouse.

Another report from Le Nouvel Observateur is confusing (partly due to translation), but seems to suggest that the attack may have been part of an attempt to escape from the courthouse. That's unconfirmed.

8:48 ET: Another theory: The Karachi Post in Pakistan says it's related to an honor killing case, in which the parents were sentenced on Monday. Again unconfirmed.

9:01 ET: The official casualty count at the moment, is 2 dead, 47 injured.

9:10 ET: The AP is noting that  Belgian public broadcaster VRT has reported that "two or three" of the assailants might still be at large. 

9:41 ET:  A newspaper, Sudpresse, says the dead attacker is named Nordine Amrani and has served jail time for the posession of weapons and cannabis plants.  The Guardian notes that this couldn't be independently confirmed.

10:20 ET: An update on the injured- The Guardian is reporting that, at the moment, there are 64 injured people in six different hospitals throughout Liège and the surrounding region, according to Sudpresse.

10:46 ET: The Guardian reports from the Belgian press conference:

The press conference has confirmed that there was a lone attacker, Nordine Amrani, who killed three and injured 75. He threw three hand grenades and guns which he had brought with him from his home in Liege.

The first victims were a 15-year-old boy and a 17-year-old, who died on the spot. Amrani then killed himself. A 65-year-old woman died later from her injuries.

Amrani was not known to have any mental health problems and had no links to terrorism.

10:54 ET:  The BBC is confirming reports that the attacker, Nordine Amrani was the lone gunman. Earlier reports said at least two more men were involved, but officials said the attacker acted alone. Terrorism was not a cause, they added.

2:31 p.m. ET:  The number of injured in the Belgian attack now stands at 123, reports the AP.

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