The Most Considerate Thing the Chinese Media Establishment Has Ever Done for Me

Over the years I've often praised China Daily -- the state-controlled, English-language vehicle for the Chinese government's official version of reality -- as my favorite newspaper. Narrowly but consistently it keeps edging out The Onion. I've looked forward to seeing it each morning whenever I'm staying in big-city China.

Therefore imagine my delight in seeing this addition to the news-box lineup right outside the front door of the Atlantic's offices in Washington:

That's China Daily in the light blue at left, next to Politico and the WaPo. I can see that I'll have to get to the news box early to beat the rush. Still, if they couldn't have put the box in front of my house, it's thoughtful of them to have installed one here.

Next topic for consideration brought up by this photo: Which will be first to collapse? The on-paper version of newspapers? Or the poor newspaper-distribution-box industry, which based on the rusted-out condition of these specimens is yet another part of America's collapsing-infrastructure problem.

Meanwhile I'll look on the bright side and welcome this evidence of globalization making things better every day in every way.