Video: People Escape from Collapsing Buildings During Latest Turkey Earthquake

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Closed circuit video captured during Turkey's earthquake on Wednesday shows people fleeing from hotels seconds before the multi-story buildings collapsed around them. At least 19 died in this latest 5.7 quake, which came just weeks after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake leveled cities in the eastern part of the country.

One of the victims was a Japanese aid worker who had come to Turkey last month to return the favor for Turkish aid workers who had come to help Japan after their massive earthquake and tsunami in March.

The death toll this week was actually lower than it might have been, because many people were still afraid to return to their homes following the October disaster. Rescuers continued to dig through the rubble for survivors on Friday.

In video, you can see the power go out as people running into the streets as the earthquake starts. Several people get just beyond the reach of one of the hotels before a cloud of dust overwhelms them.

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