How Are You Celebrating 11/11/11?

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If you weren't invited to a wedding or having a baby today, then you probably aren't taking full advantage of this once-in-a-century aligning of the numbers on the calendar.

In Malaysia, hundreds of ethnic Chinese couples lined up to take their vows at a mass wedding on "Super Singles Day." Of course, it's not just Chinese people who find something magical or lucky about the confluence of numbers.

Egypt had to close the Great Pyramid of Giza, because of rumors that there would be spiritual cermonies at 11:11 this morning. In Iowa, a doctor is promising to refund his fees for any babies born today, which will probably be higher than normal as expectant parents will ask for induced labor to ensure a memorable birthday. A friend of friend on Facebook got married just after midnight this morning, getting in on the celebration as soon as they could.

It's also Veterans Day, of course (or Armistice Day or Remembrance Day, depending on where you live), and that means parades and other celebrations. Apparently, some folks are also trying to make it "Metal Day" and/or "Nigel Tufnel Day." (As in, "These go to 11.") People all over the world are hoping to time their significant life events with a cool looking number that's easy to remember.

They probably shouldn't have bothered, however, since whatever they're doing today probably won't be as special as what Tyler and Kyra Schuman have been waiting for, for more than a decade. The fraternal twins from Beloit, Wisconsin, are celebrating their birthday today. They're turning 11.

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