Chemical Weapons Found in Libya May Have Come from Iran

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The U.S. suspect that an illegal cache of "hundreds of special artillery shells for chemical weapons" found in Libya were supplied to Muammar Qaddafi, according to a report from The Washington Post. This has been a pretty damning month weapons-wise for Iran: two weeks ago the United Nations issued a report that Iran is illegally trying to build nuclear weapons. If it turns out the shells "filled with highly toxic mustard agent" found by revolutionary fighters in the past few weeks came from Iran, it'll make for the second violation of international proliferation laws in November for the country. "One U.S. official said Iran may have sold the shells to Libya after the end of its eight-year war with Iraq, in which the Iraqis used mustard and nerve agents against tens of thousands of Iranian troops," reports The Post. Predictably, the paper has at least one Iranian official denying the weapons sales, just as the country denied that it was nukes allegation two weeks ago.



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