Only 11% of Possible Phone-Hacking Victims Have Been Contacted by Police

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Apparently we've only seen the tip of News Corp.'s phone-hacking iceberg. The Guardian is reporting that of "the possible 5,800 hacking victims identified so far, 638 have been contacted by officers working on the inquiry to confirm that their phones may have been hacked." That means that only 11 in 100 potential victims in the U.K. have even been told that their phones have potentially been hacked by journalists. "The relatively small number shows how far the investigation has to run before it completes its analysis of about 11,000 pages of notes," The Guardian says. Those possibly 5,800 phone-hacked is about 2,000 more than than previously estimated. The new number comes as we learned this week at that one of Rupert Murdoch's newspapers hired a private eye to spy on more than 100 people, including (gasp!) the royal family and the family of Daniel Radcliffe. All the more charcoal for MPs to grill James Murdoch with when he addresses Parliament again tomorrow.

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