Two Survivors Pulled from the Rubble Three Days After Turkish Earthquake

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A 27-year-old teacher and a 18-year-old college student were saved from the wreckage of collapsed buildings on Wednesday, more than 60 hours after the 7.2 earthquake that leveled parts of Turkey.

Both survivors were found in the city of Ercis. They join about 40 others who were rescued the day before, but authorities don't expect to find many more alive. The Telegraph found new close up footage of the rescue of a two-week old baby who was saved from her mother's arms on Tuesday.

The current death toll stands at 460, but continue to rise as more bodies are found beneath the rubble. Turkey's prime minister, Tayyip Erdogan, attacked local authorities and construction companies on Wednesday, saying that their flouting of building codes and use of shoddy materials to save money is negligence that "amounts to murder."

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