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Thanks to winning 50 million rupees (roughly $1 million) on the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Sushil Kumar will be now known as a real-life "Slumdog Millionaire" ... until someone else wins big on an Indian gameshow. Kumar, a government clerk who made a paltry $120 per month, became the first person to win the big prize on the game show, reports the AP. While we have no idea about Kumar's personal situation before the big win, it's worth noting his salary, the comparison to the Oscar-winning film of 2008 is too hard for media to resist today. But Kumar is actually stealing the thunder of the previous "real life Slumdog Millionaire": in 2009 Vishal Netke, a taxi driver was making 50 rupees ($1) a day before he won 1 million rupees ($20,000) from a similar game show in 2009. Netke had already spent all his winnings when Sky News/CBS caught up with and dubbed him a "Slumdog Millionaire." Kumar, whose win will be broadcast next week, plans to use the money to pay off his parents's debts, build a library, buy a new home with his wife, help his brothers start up a small business and prepare for India's civil service exam, reports the AP. 

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